I feel like a shift is starting…”every seven years”, so this is just about the right time.Trying to make time for everyone and everything has been exhausting. I have been feeling like half-a-person for months…Focus is changing…good things on the horizon with HIVE and PRIME.

Comfort and Laughter today. An evening spent with a good friend who I don’t get to see nearly enough…Thanks A.! I needed that. A sweet gift from another friend. Surprises make me giddy.

I’m solo again this week. Something I am getting used to now. Something that would probably make me more down if I wasn’t  surrounded by so many amazing friends.

This is all very vague…but that’s how I’m feeling. Sleepy and not quite making sentences (that could be the wine)…

Just trying to ignore the lows and concentrate on all of the highs and small joys right now…good things are coming.


Trying to remember what it was like to be 7 years old again and see the world with open eyes…unclouded by judgement or expectation. meditation. open fields.

Good night, world.

Thank You.



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